HB 1301, Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness (LEAF) Act

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Rep. Don Hogan
District 179

The LEAF (Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness) Act sets out to establish that no local governments can enact ordinances on the prohibition or regulation of gasoline-powered leaf blowers either by usage, or via the sale of. The bill states that if political subdivisions of the state regulate gasoline-powered leaf blowers, there exists the potential for confusing and varying regulations which could lead to unnecessary increased costs for urban agriculture, homeowners, and landscape service professionals to comply with such regulations. GMA is asking for feedback from our member cities on this legislation, i.e. local ordinances, regulation, pertaining to leaf blowers or lawn maintenance practices at large. 

Last Updated: 3/3/2022
Subject Area: Environment | Municipal Powers |
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2/24/2022 - Passed House Committee, Pending in House Rules

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