HB 1321, Opioid Settlement Litigation Bar

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Rep. James Burchett
District 176

The State of Georgia recently entered the $26 billion multi-state opioid settlement. In order to achieve this unified, statewide settlement the state was required agree to bar local governments from entering into any other future opioid litigation against the released parties, and to cease any ongoing litigation on the same issue against the released parties. 

The multi-state settlement requires opioid manufacturers to provide substantial funding for opioid treatment and prevention and to implement significant industry changes that will help to prevent future opioid crises. 

Georgia and its local governments stand to receive approximately $636 million under the settlement agreement. Georgia’s share of the settlement will be distributed among the state and local governments pursuant to a Memorandum of Agreement, to which the state and local governments have already agreed. Final settlement approval remains contingent on a critical mass of states and local governments participating across the country.


Last Updated: 2/18/2022
Subject Area: Municipal Powers
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3/9/2022 - Passed House Committee, Pending in House Rules

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