HB 1406, Rezoning Procedure

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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
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Rep. Charles Martin
District 49

This bill establishes a new rezoning process in the instance that a city revise existing single-family residentially zoned properties to allow for multi-family uses. Should a city wish to adopt such zoning changes, a municipality would first need to:

Adopt such decision through two public meetings during a period of not less than 21 days apart;

Prior to such public meetings, hold two public hearings specific to the proposed changes within 3-9 months of any final zoning decision, and at least one must occur between 5PM-8PM;

Post details of zoning change on any impacted properties, and posting every 500 ft in cases of where over 500 parcels are affected, as well as publish hearing information in the local newspaper 15-45 days prior detailing the changes would allow property owners to not comply with single-family residential zoning requirements; and

Provide language of proposed amendment at no cost to any individual requesting the information.

These provisions apply to both altering single-family zoning and abolishing single-family zoning requirements for the purposes of authorizing multi-family zoning standards on the same properties.

These provisions would not apply to any property owner or authorized person seeking the rezoning to multifamily from the local government.

Last Updated: 3/10/2022
Subject Area: Land Use and Annexation
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3/18/2022 - Pending in Senate Rules


3/9/2022 House Vote #634 Yea - 110 Nay - 51 Not Voting - 6 Excused - 13

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