HB 903, HB903: Second Amendment "Expansion" Act

Municipal Impact
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Rep. Joseph Gullett
District 19

HB 903 prohibits local governments from enacting "anti-firearms policy." The bill defines anti-firearms policy as any regulation, rule, policy or practice adopted by a local governing body which prohibits or restricts the possession, use, sale, or transfer of firearms above those restrictions or prohibitions required under federal or state law. The bill enables the Attorney General, when initiated by a citizen's complaint, to compel a local government suspected of violating the bill to comply. Any failure to comply would disqualify a local government as a "qualified local government," thus disqualifying local governments from certain grants or loans. Alternatively, the bill provides citizens the ability to seek legal or equitable relief to compel compliance.

Last Updated: 1/31/2022
Subject Area: Municipal Powers
Resources: bill text
1/24/2022 - Assigned To House Committee

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