SB 259, Firearms Regulation; Discharge and Disposal

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Sen. Jeff Mullis
District 53

This is bill would, among other firearms rights protection measures, preempt a municipality or county from prohibiting the discharge of firearms on a parcel of land that is ten acres or more in size provided the discharge is with the consent of the owner or lawful occupant of the land.

The bill also provides for rules that municipalities must follow regarding the disposal by sale of firearms in the municipality's possession. These rules include the creation of a fixed amount for damages to which a person making a claim that the municipality did not follow these provisions would be entitled, namely a $100.00 penalty payed to the claimant from the municipality. 

Last Updated: 2/1/2022
Subject Area: Municipal Powers | Public Safety |
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4/4/2022 - Passed House


4/4/2022 House Vote #895 Yea - 94 Nay - 67 Not Voting - 6 Excused - 13
2/28/2022 Senate Vote #563 Yea - 33 Nay - 20 Not Voting - 1 Excused - 2

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