SB 494, Preemption of Regulating Rental Subdivisions

Municipal Impact
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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
Bill Sponsor

Sen. Steve Gooch
District 51

This bill would preempt municipalities from enacting or enforcing any restrictions on residential rental agreements of over 30 days. As a result, the bill would preempt a municipality’s ability to regulate land use for the development and construction of corporate subdivisions for rental-only purposes. 

Further, the bill would waive a municipality’s sovereign immunity, but damages from any violations could not exceed $1 million per occurrence. Lastly, the bill would revoke qualified local government status for six months for any municipality found in violation of the chapter and directs the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to establish such process. 

Last Updated: 2/11/2022
Subject Area: Municipal Powers
Resources: bill text
2/11/2022 - Assigned to Senate Committee

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