Technical College System of Georgia Provides Statewide Talent

October 23, 2017

Gretchen Corbin, Commissioner, Technical College System of Georgia

This article appeared in the October 2017 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
Georgia has been named the num­ber one state to do business four years in a row. As Georgia’s economy grows, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) strives to ensure a steady flow of qualified workers for our existing and new employers within Georgia.
With 22 colleges and 85 campuses throughout the state and with the primary mission of workforce de­velopment, TCSG is the trusted partner that delivers this skilled talent.
Our system is unique in that the educational pro­grams offered at the individual colleges are aligned to local businesses. Every program at our colleges has a Program Advisory Committee, which consists of lo­cal employers, college instructors and other experts in the field. The committee ensures the college’s pro­gram aligns with the needs of that industry, and that the program is up-to-date with the latest technical innovations and requirements so as to incorporate the specific curriculum needed. We pride ourselves in the flexibility and responsiveness of our programs to meet the needs of business.
Through the more than 600 programs offered, there is a field of study for everyone in Georgia seek­ing to learn the skills necessary for employment in today’s economy. And, we are one of the most af­fordable postsecondary institutions in the Southeast. Our HOPE Career Grant provides free tuition for students enrolled in one of 12 high-demand fields where there are more job openings than workers to fill them. Programs include computer program­ming, computer technology, health science, indus­trial maintenance, movie production, and precision manufacturing, among others.
TCSG also provides high school students with tre­mendous opportunities to get a jump start on their journey after high school. Whether it’s through our dual enrollment program, where students earn col­lege credit while still in high school, or through one of our College and Career Academies throughout the state that focuses on the needs of the high school students and businesses of their specific community, TCSG is helping fast-track meaningful careers for young people.
We offer apprenticeships at our colleges, directly connecting students with employers to receive on-the-job training. Four colleges partner with the Ger­man-American Chamber and with industry in the Georgia Consortium for Advanced Technical Train­ing to provide apprenticeship opportunities. Four­teen of them are in a partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the U.S. Department of Labor, providing students with valu­able training in industrial systems technology, ma­chine tool technology and electrical systems technol­ogy.
Companies across our state work hand-in-hand with our colleges to help train students for specific jobs. Mercedes-Benz partners with Gwinnett Tech for its automotive program, John Deere works with South Georgia Tech on its diesel equipment main­tenance program, Gulfstream and Savannah Tech work together in aviation, and Shaw Industries en­sures it has a skilled workforce in flooring through Georgia Northwestern Tech.
TCSG also stands by our training with a guaran­tee. If a graduate is found to be deficient in one or more competencies as defined in the standards for that program, the technical college will retrain the employee at no instructional cost to the employee or the employer.
TCSG is also home to the number one workforce training program in the country seven years in a row—Georgia Quick Start. Quick Start delivers free, customized worker training. Last year, the TCSG Quick Start program provided customized work­force training to almost 46,000 employees of new and expanding companies in Georgia.
The Technical College System of Georgia not only provides Georgia’s companies with the talent they need when they need it; our colleges are woven into the fabric of local communities, providing more peo­ple with opportunity and the education necessary for success in today’s economy.
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