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Depending on the size of your city, hundreds or thousands of auto accidents may occur within your jurisdiction every year. Many of those accidents include damage to city property, such as fleet, fixed assets and infrastructure. While the responsible parties legally owe money to you in compensation for the damage, your city staff often doesn’t have time to chase down high volumes of claims. Let GMA do it for you—at no cost. Through our partner, Peachtree Recovery Services (PRS), we track down the money and recover revenue for your transportation maintenance budget.

Why GMA?

GMA’s partner, Peachtree Recovery Services, understands municipal government. The company has over 20 years of experience with managing insurance claims, conducting government investigations, negotiating government contracts, and managing government programs. By studying markets, trends, laws, and emerging best practices from across the nation, Peachtree Recovery Services ensures successful property damage claims recovery for cities. Members of this program will also receive a 1.5% discount on PRS’s fees courtesy of GMA.

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Contractors and auto accidents can damage city property (i.e., vehicles, signs, guardrails, lighting, etc.). What can the city do about repair costs and costs incurred by first responders?

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Participating Entities

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