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GMA’s Campaign Media Training

Our “It’s Worth a Shot” media week kicked off with a 90-minute media training for all city officials and GMA members on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. If you missed the training, the video and slides are now available.

Media Week Tools

“It’s Worth a Shot” Media Week: April 12-19

5 Ways to Participate in the “It’s Worth a Shot” Media Week

  1. Send a Press Release Announcing City Leadership’s Support of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Let the media and community know that your city is united in getting vaccinated and recovering from the pandemic.
  2. Publish an Op-Ed with Your Community’s Media Platform: The voice of local leaders is one of the most trusted in government and your community. Amplify your voice with GMA's op-ed/editorial template. You can also create your own op-ed to submit to your local media platforms (newspapers), on your city website and newsletters and on your personal social media pages (LinkedIn or Facebook notes).
  3. Host a Press Event: This can be an in-person or virtual press conference, town hall, or vaccine drive to call your community to action around the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine, provide an update on vaccine access in your community, and/or speak directly to those vaccine hesitant in your communities.
  4. Publish a Q&A with Your Community’s Healthcare Professionals: Those vaccine hesitant are also looking to their trusted healthcare providers, including local pharmacists, to share the safety, efficacy and importance of the COVID-19 vaccine. This can be a quick print story or even a video to share on your city’s digital platforms.
  5. Record and Share a PSA in Your Community: Whether you would like to share your PSA audio-only (on the radio) or via video (television and online media), you are welcome to use GMA’s PSA templates (also available in Spanish) or you can create your own. Additionally, you can refer to this guide for creating a successful PSA by

Things to Remember

  • Use the “It’s Worth a Shot” talking points to create scripting for your city officials to use during your media events. These talking points can also be used to customize the GMA-provided media templates and/or in the media tools that you create.
  • Share! Share! Share! Spread the word of your media events and vaccine-awareness efforts with the masses by using social media, and city newsletters, application, text messaging systems, and community partnerships.
  • Leverage the Power of Community Influencers: Are there still areas in your community with those who are vaccine hesitant or needing more information? Or are you having a difficult time reaching some residents to share vaccine information with? Be intentional about connecting with them by interfacing with residents they are familiar with. These trusted residents are referred to as “influencers.” These community influencers can include:
    • Faith-based leaders
    • Prominent business owners (restaurants, shops, event venues, attorneys, car dealerships, etc.)
    • Local doctors, healthcare providers and pharmacists
    • Members of your city’s youth councils