Cities United Summit

GMA’s Cities United Summit brings together Georgia city officials to advocate for municipal priorities. The summit enables attendees to engage with state leaders during Cities United Day at the Capitol. Municipal Institute training classes are also available and offered in partnership with UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.


  • Visionary City Award

    Visionary City Award

    The Visionary City Award is a joint award offered by Georgia Municipal Association and Georgia Trend Magazine. The award is annually bestowed to nine cities—three from each population size group: under 4,999, 5,000-24,999, and over 25,000–honoring those that have created positive community change through effective civic engagement and collaboration.

  • City and Organization of Civility

    City and Organization of Civility

    The City of Civility designation is awarded to cities that adopt a resolution pledging to practice and promote civility within the governing body as a means of conducting legislative duties and responsibilities. This pledge strives to show courtesy by treating all colleagues, staff and members of the public in a professional and respectful manner whether in-person, online or in written communication, especially when we disagree. Qualified organizations are eligible to receive an Organization of Civility designation.

  • City and Organization of Ethics

    City and Organization of Ethics

    The City and Organization of Ethics program is an attempt to raise awareness about ethics issues at the local level and provide a local forum for the airing and resolution of legitimate concerns. To earn a "GMA Certified City of Ethics" designation for the first time, a city must adopt a Resolution Establishing the Five Ethics Principles for the Conduct of Your City's Officials. Counties and qualified organizations are also eligible to receive an ethics designation.

  • Georgia Economic Placemaking Collaborative

    Georgia Economic Placemaking Collaborative

    The Georgia Economic Placemaking Collaborative is a two-year place-based economic development program that provides participating communities with education, facilitation, technical assistance, networking, peer learning, and incentives to help identify their community assets and develop a locally based placemaking strategy.

  • Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute Certificates

    Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute Certificates

    Operated through a partnership between GMA and the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government, the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute is a continuing education program designed to help city officials enhance their knowledge and skills in municipal-related matters. The Municipal Training Institute is pleased to recognize those individuals who have recently earned one or more of the training institute’s five certificates.

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