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Who's Got the Better Hand?

March 21, 2017

Determining if a city's action is "legal" can be as difficult as reading poker champ Antonio Esfandiari's bluff. 

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The Data Dive: Where Can I Get Info?

March 13, 2017

There's lots of research being done on local goverments and data being collected. Here's a few of our favorite places to get info.

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Arresting Developments: Hiring and Retaining Police Officers

March 3, 2017

Finding and retaining the right police officers can be a challenge for cities.

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Acronyms: The Secret Language of Government

February 24, 2017

Government loves to use acronyms. But what do those letters really mean?

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Saving Georgia's Downtowns

February 17, 2017

Many of Georgia's rural downtowns have been dying for years. Will a new measure bring help?

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What Happens After the Storm?

February 10, 2017

Cities rush to the aid of others when disaster hits, but there are some guidelines they have to follow.

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Telecommunications on Public Property: What’s it worth to the city?

February 1, 2017

Cable and telecommunications companies often rely on public rights-of-way and property to expand their networks within cities. What should cities expect in return?

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Who Are the People of Georgia's Cities?

January 26, 2017

There are approximately 3,100 elected city officials in Georgia, representing the state’s 538 cities. Last year, GMA – through our practicum program with the University of Georgia – set out to find out a little more about these people.

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City Officials Attending Mayors' Day

January 13, 2017

GMA's second-largest conference is next weekend. What you need to know about your city officials' participation.

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Welcome Back to the Reporters' Notebook

January 5, 2017

GMA's guide to city issues and trends for reporters covering city halls. We explain the acronyms! 

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Displaying Items 16-25 (of 25)