GMA Annual Convention by the Numbers

June 19, 2017

Later this week, city officials from across Georgia will be migrating to Savannah for GMA’s 84th Annual Convention. Here’s some basics on the event:

Full schedule of events is here. You’ll note that there is not a lot of down time at the GMA convention. This is by design; city officials are there to learn and network and we want to ensure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth when they send their elected officials to the event.

Number of Registered City Officials: 1,544
Number of Exhibitors: 197
Total Registration: 2,233
Cost of Registration (GMA members): $350 early; $410 on-site

Number of Training Classes: 45
Number of Training Seats Filled: 2,400
Cost of Training Class: $140 for 3-hour class; $255 for 6-hour class

Number of Hotels in GMA Housing Block:  16
Per Night Hotel Prices: $169 (Holiday Inn, Bryan St.) - $234 (Westin)
Value of Convention: Priceless (I’ll admit my bias).

One question we frequently get is do we ever go anywhere else for the Convention? Once upon a time, when there were fewer member cities, GMA did move the Annual Convention around. However, today, with 520 member cities, only Savannah and Atlanta can accommodate the number of attendees. GMA’s second largest annual meeting, Mayors’ Day, is held in Atlanta each year in conjunction with the legislative session.

Kelli and I will be sending out a bunch of press releases related to the convention (100 training certificates, 3 Hall of Fame inductees, 67 board members, etc), so expect to hear something from us soon. And if you have any questions before, during or after the Convention, please reach out to us!

Amy Henderson:; Cell: 404-387-0624, Twitter: @amyh_gma
Kelli Bennett:; Cell: 404-796-5508, Twitter: @KelliB_GMA
GMA on Twitter: @gacities


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