GMA Mayor's Day Conference

January 19, 2018

GMA’s second-largest annual conference, Mayors’ Day (slogan: It’s not just a day and it’s not just for mayors) begins Friday, Jan 19. Days One and Two are devoted to training courses, but on Sunday, day 3, the conference itself kicks off.

Unlike GMA’s Annual Convention, the Mayors’ Day Conference is a bit more formal as city officials discuss issues that are under consideration at the Capitol. Events include policy committee meetings, an awards lunch and, also, because it’s an election year, GMA is hosting a forum for lieutenant governor candidates (Sunday afternoon) and gubernatorial candidates (Monday morning.). We’ll be streaming both live at the following links:​

Mayors’ Day by the Number
  • 686 – Number of city officials registered for Mayors’ Day
  • 6 – GMA Policy Committees meeting on Sunday
  • 10 – Number of legislators participating in policy discussions
  • 9 – Cities that will receive the “Live, Work, Play” award on Sunday from GMA and Georgia Trend
  • 24 – Number of training classes being offered
  • $140 – Cost  to attend one 3-hour class on Friday or Saturday
  • $175 Cost to attend one 3-hour training on Monday (includes lunch)
  • $255- Cost to attend one 6-hour class
  • $325 – Cost of early registration for Conference
  • $169 – GMA room rate at Marriott
  • 139 - Number of press releases Kelli and I will be sending out during/after Mayors' Day. 
If you need anything from us, Kelli and I will be on-site this weekend, but are always available via phone or email.

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Kelli Bennett:; Cell: 404-796-5508, Twitter: @KelliB_GMA
GMA on Twitter: @gacities

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