GMA at the Capitol

January 8, 2018

The legislative session is underway and GMA is at the Capitol representing issues of concern to cities. While we know some of the issues the legislators are likely to tackle in the 40-day session, it’s an election year which means expect the unexpected. During the session, you can see GMA’s write-ups of legislation we’re following and our position on the issues.

If you have any questions about legislative issues, please give us a call. Amy is the primary contact for media questions on legislation GMA is tracking, but Kelli is also here to help. You can follow GMA on Twitter too, as we react to events at the Capitol.

Another helpful tool for reporters is GMA’s local legislation email. You can sign up for it on the right-hand side of our legislative tracking page, and whenever local legislation has been introduced and assigned to a committee, you’ll get an email alert. What types of things get addressed with local legislation? Annexations, de-annexations, changes to city charters and resolutions to study consolidation are some of the issues legislators address with local bills. (Note that GMA does not lobby on behalf of local legislation). Legislators are required to run notices in the legal organ that local legislation is being introduced, but the notice can sometimes be vague, so it’s best to read the actual legislation to see what is being changed. Legislators are also not required to get the approval of local governments to introduce local legislation, so it is possible that legislation could be introduced that your city leaders aren’t aware of or don’t support.

It should be an interesting session with a lot at stake for the state and candidates for office. We look forward to reading your coverage of the session!

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