GMA Advocacy: Meet the New Chairs

July 16, 2019

Steve Edwards
The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) prepares a proposed Legislative Platform for consideration by GMA’s six policy committees. Policy committee chairs — working closely with GMA’s Govt. Advocacy team — lead committee meetings, maintain close contact with legislators and provide critical feedback to shape GMA’s legislative priorities each year.
We recently took the opportunity to speak with Steve Edwards, the new chairman of the Environmental Natural Resources (ENR) Policy Committee. A transcript of the conversation can be found below:
GMA: As the new ENR chair, what issue is your #1 priority?
Edwards: My #1 priority as ENR Chair will be to serve the membership to the best of my abilities. Several issues will be at the top of my list, however, including protecting Georgia’s natural resources, the future of recycling and disposal of materials from cities’ wastewater treatment facilities and working toward giving rural cities more recycling options.
GMA: As the mayor of Sugar Hill, what insight/unique perspective do you bring to this role?
Edwards: My current job is with an environmental company and I have served the city since 2003. In that time, we have gone through plenty of environmental issues, so I feel I do have a unique perspective to bring to the table.
GMA: How should #GaCities work to promote ENR issues?
Edwards: Where we have some environmental issues that are shared, many are unique to the situation in a given city and can be related back to our policy document. Hometown Connections are the best way to educate our legislators with municipal officials telling the local story and one of GMA’s Governmental Relations team members there to tie your issues in to the greater mission.
GMA: Anything else we should know about you/fun or surprising fact about you?
Edwards: I love our entire state, but admit I have great passion for South Georgia. I am an avid conservationist, hunter, fisherman and I recently earned “Grand Slam” status, having bagged all four turkey species in North America. 

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