2021 Georgia Smart Communities Challenge

Posted: April 5, 2021

Deadline: May 3, 2021

Grantor: Georgia Institute of Technology

Additional Information

Georgia Smart is a competitive program that supports local governments of any size within the State of Georgia—cities, counties, and consolidated city-county governments—by providing access to technical assistance, expert advice, and a network of peers. Georgia Smart communities will receive access to a breadth of resources including a team of researchers, Georgia Smart program management, Smart Community Corps, and Georgia Smart partners. Alumni have successfully implemented their project and garnered additional funding and technical assistance to continue their project beyond the program period, continuing to service their residents and meet their community’s goals.

For this year’s cohort, Georgia Smart will select up to four communities for an enhanced two-year program centered on Community Connectivity. This is defined as optimizing access to broadband internet to facilitate integrating smart technologies and should include projects relating to Agricultural Technology (AgriTech), Healthcare, and Education & Workforce Development.

Participation in this cohort will be advantageous for communities planning to apply for the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative (GBDI), as Georgia Smart has partnered with officials at GBDI to provide expert advice to communities in the proposal process. Successful applicants will leverage GA Smart resources to write a funding proposal leading to the exploration, study, use, deployment, and integration of smart community technologies into their jurisdictions and operations.

Applicants are highly encouraged to participate in the informational webinar on April 14, 2021 from 12-1pm held by the Georgia Institute of Technology to become acquainted further with this opportunity. Please register for the webinar using this link.

Eligible applicants are collections of government and non-government entities within the State of Georgia—led by a city, county, or consolidated city-county government—that are geographically collocated, adjacent, or nearby and have common or complementary goals, populations, interests, needs, and resources. This can include city governments, county governments, regional authorities, citizen groups, neighborhood planning units, professional and community organizations, corporations, donors, and other partners, that have decided to team together to solve common problems in their community.

A pre-application is required and due by May 3, 2021.

Program Contact
Please consult the online FAQs or send an email to InclusiveInnovation@gatech.edu. If you have in-depth questions or would like to meet with the Georgia Smart Program Manager, please follow this link to schedule a meeting.

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