First Responders Mental Health Grant Program

Posted: November 19, 2020

Deadline: November 23, 2020

Grantor: Movember

Additional Information

Movember and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride are launching a new grant program to identify partners to strengthen the implementation and evaluation of programs that take a prevention, early intervention perspective and incorporate a gendered lens to improve mental health and well-being for first responders.

The specific goals for this program are to:

  • Support the ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of prevention, early intervention programs to improve mental health of first responders, while using a gendered lens.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing globally around evaluation and evidence about programs aimed to improve mental health for first responders through a prevention, early intervention and gendered lens.

Submissions should propose to adapt or build upon current programs/products that are demonstrating early promise that they work. Such programs should have an underlying evidence base upon which the program has been built and be able to provide the supporting information, i.e., publications or research reports. At the outset, the submission would need to make a serious commitment to robust evaluation. A third-party evaluation partner will be contracted and funded separately by Movember to work directly with project teams. Consideration of future scaling and sustainability potential would ideally be built in early in the proposal process.

To be eligible for this funding opportunity, applicants must:

  • Be based in any one of the participating countries: Ireland, New Zealand, or the United States.
  • Be legally able to accept grant funds within their respective country
  • Designate a member of the project team to participate in the program evaluation and agree to the roll-out/delivery of controlled evaluation with Movember's evaluation partner
  • Be implementing an existing program that is showing promise that it works but requires rigorous evaluation or
  • Be adapting a program that has shown promise that it works with one focal group to implement and evaluate with another focal group (e.g. a program that has had success with fire fighters and is proposed to trial with paramedics or paramedics/EMS to paramedics/EMS in another location)
  • Take a prevention or early intervention perspective and incorporate a gendered lens to improve mental health and wellbeing in one or more of the targeted groups,
  • Work in one of the targeted workplaces, e.g. police, fire, emergency/ paramedic services, or
  • Involve the “end user” from any of the targeted workplaces as a collaborator on the project team.

Program Contact
For further information on this funding opportunity, please contact Ivy Lim-Carter at

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