Innovate for All

Posted: January 14, 2022

Deadline: February 22, 2022

Grantor: Partnership for Inclusive Innovation

Additional Information

Innovate for All supports a portfolio of projects that scale essential innovative programs, services, and technology deployments across the state. As a result, these projects will help empower and sustain access to resources that create economic opportunities for Georgia’s rural, suburban, and urban centers, with a focus on the people and places that are often overlooked as innovation hubs.

The program provides a one-time financial grant of up to $250,000, statewide network of support, and applied research opportunities. Georgia’s innovators with inclusive ready to scale project proposals that enhance access to innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship resources are strongly encouraged to apply.

Review the FAQs here:

From the FAQs, on eligibility:

  • I’m not a startup, am I still able to apply for funding? Or What types of businesses does Innovate for All support? Or How do I know if I’m eligible?
    • Innovate for All funds Georgia entrepreneurs, innovators, organizations, local governments, and schools that promote our vision and mission of building a more inclusive and innovative Georgia for shared economic success.
    • Innovate for All encourages collaboration with multiple partners in proposal submission. Only one organization should apply for the Innovate for All grant; however, we like to see a network of support from multiple organizations and/or communities committed to the sustainability of the project.


E-mail with general questions. For in-depth program questions or if you would like to meet with the Economic Opportunity Manager, please use this link to schedule a meeting.

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