Law Enforcement and First Responders Supplement

Posted: October 1, 2021

Deadline: December 31, 2021

Grantor: Georgia Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

Additional Information

The Law Enforcement and First Responder Supplement program establishes a grant program to provide a $1,000 one-time pay supplement for full-time public safety officers and first responders, including law enforcement officers, EMS personnel, and firefighters. Public safety entities will apply on behalf of qualifying employees between October 1 and December 31.

Please read the official guidance document from OPB and take special note of the instructions and stipulations highlighted: Law-Enforcement-and-First-Responder-Guidance-Document-for-Employers.pdf

The grant program would seek to address the negative economic impact of the pandemic on law enforcement by providing a pay supplement to offset expenses these employees likely may have incurred as a result of working in a frontline law enforcement or public safety capacity.  This could include expenses such as:

  • Potential out of pocket rapid testing to return to work
  • Childcare costs incurred while working on the front lines to support our communities with essential services during the pandemic
  • Unanticipated dependent care expenses due to duties during COVID-19
  • Additional home decontamination or disinfecting services due to COVID-19
  • Additional health and diagnosis costs such as co-pays
  • Isolation lodging due to COVID-19
  • Other cost(s) associated with COVID-19 duties/deployment that impacted the responder


Eligible individuals are comprised of full-time Georgia public safety officers and first responders, including law enforcement officers, 911/communications officers, EMS personnel, and firefighters.

Cities and counties will be responsible for applying on behalf of all eligible departments within their jurisdiction.  This could include police, fire, or sheriff’s departments, jails, emergency medical services, etc. 

While the $1,000 Law Enforcement and First Responder Supplement applies only to public safety officials employed full-time, the state recognizes the critical role that volunteer and part-time firefighters play in rural and small communities across the state.  Therefore, this program will also provide a $300.00 stipend for volunteer firefighters. 


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