Victims of Crime Act Grant Program (VOCA Georgia)

Posted: May 28, 2020

Deadline: August 14, 2020

Grantor: Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Additional Information
The VOCA Formula Grant Program, created under the 1984 Victims of Crime Act, provides federal funding to support victim assistance and compensation programs, to provide training for diverse professionals who work with victims, to develop projects to enhance victims’ rights and services, and to undertake public education and awareness activities on behalf of crime victims. The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) provides federal funds to support victim assistance and compensation programs around the country. The Crime Victims’ Fund is the source of funding for these programs. Millions of dollars are deposited into the Crime Victims’ Fund annually from criminal fines, forfeited bail bonds, penalties, and special assessments collected by U.S. Attorneys' Offices, federal U.S. courts, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. To date, Crime Victims’ Fund dollars have always come from offenders convicted of federal crimes, not from taxpayers.

According to the 2016 VOCA Program Rules, direct services or services to victims of crime are defined as those efforts that (1) respond to the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of crime victims, (2) assist victims to stabilize their lives after victimization, (3) assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system, or (4) restore a measure of safety and security for the victim. For the purpose of the VOCA Crime Victim Assistance grant program, a crime victim or victim of crime is a person who has suffered physical, sexual, financial, or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime. Generally, funding cannot be used for the investigation of crimes or collection of evidence to further the prosecution of crimes.

Awards are limited to organizations that provide services to crime victims and are operated by a public agency, a nonprofit organization, or a combination of such agencies or organizations. Service provision must be available to crime victims regardless of victims’ participation in the criminal justice system and immigration status. Please note any award made pursuant to this solicitation is dependent upon the receipt and availability of federal grant awards and any requirements or conditions attached thereto.

An eligible applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a non-profit organization or a public government entity
  • Serve as the fiscal agent for the grant and the point of contact to CJCC
  • Be responsible, liable, and oversee financial, program, and post-award reporting requirements
  • Be certified and eligible to receive Local Victim Assistance Program (LVAP) 5% funds, and
  • Have a history of providing specialized, trauma-informed direct services to victims.
Contact Information
Jenny Aszman
Statewide Family Justice Center Coordinator

Kristy Carter
Victim Assistance Division Director

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