2019 Spring GMA Local Government Practicum Projects

June 7, 2019

On April 16, 2019, students from Georgia State University and the University of Georgia presented the results of their work as part of GMA's Local Government Practicum. 

Students from Georgia State developed their projects under the guidance of Dr. Carrie Manning who offered the Local Government Practicum as a research seminar in the Department of Political Science.

Presentations took place at Georgia State University and at GMA. A brief overview of each project and links to the presentations are listed below.

Georgia Municipal Association & Georgia Council for the Arts
Student: Elizabeth Griffin, MPA
School: University of Georgia
Project: Public Arts Toolkit
PDF Presentation

Georgia Municipal Association
Students: Salomé Decerle & Stephanie Umezaki-Oba
School: Georgia State University
Project: Workforce Development Toolkit
PDF Presentation

Student: Mollie Gray
School: Georgia State University
Project: Downtown Business Development Plan
PDF Presentation

Student: William Turner
School: Georgia State University
Project: The People's Academy
PDF Presentation

Student: Shay'na Fields
School: Georgia State University
Project: Digital Badge Program
PDF Presentation

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