2023 Firefighter Cancer Awareness Training Starts Soon

March 9, 2023

Did you know that cancer is a leading cause of death for active-duty firefighters? ACCG and GMA have been providing firefighter cancer coverage since 2018. Across the state of Georgia, over 300 fire departments (118 ACCG, 188 GMA) and 16,000 firefighters (9,200 ACCG, 6,900 GMA) are currently insured between the two organizations. This coverage provides benefits for critical illness, long-term disability, survivors, family care credit, workplace modifications and travel assistance.

Starting March 16, 2023, municipal and county fire departments throughout Georgia have the opportunity to participate in one of several upcoming virtual “train-the-trainer” courses focusing on firefighter cancer awareness.

This two-hour course covers all aspects of firefighter cancer risks and controls. Attendees will be given lesson plans, PowerPoints and all the needed training materials required to train their agencies. Below are links to the three virtual train-the-trainer sessions. Click on the links below to register for the session that best fits your schedule. All of these sessions offer the same course and materials.   

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