Attention City Clerks: Election Updates Needed

November 11, 2019

Election Results
With the 2019 General Election behind us and January just around the corner, we are requesting that you take a few minutes to help GMA update our records as needed to accurately reflect the municipal elected officials who will be serving your city as of January 2020.
To review and update the names of the elected officials GMA currently has on file for your city, clerks may log-on to the GMA website or contact Irish Thomas at In instances where an individual will be leaving office at the end of the year, please provide the name of the person who will be taking office in January. If a runoff is being held in your city, please do not update your city’s records until after the final election results are determined. 

And don’t forget to register newly elected city officials to one of the two Newly Elected Official Institutes that will take place in 2020. This required training will take place in Tifton in February and Athens in March. Please register your city newly elected officials today! Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact Irish Thomas at (678) 686-6209. GMA thanks you for your assistance in ensuring that our membership records are accurate for your city.

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