Census Solutions Workshop Toolkit

July 24, 2019

U.S. Census Bureau

T he U.S. Census Bureau offers a guide to running creative and collaborative workshops to foster new partnerships and solve census challenges in your community. The Census Solutions Workshop is specifically designed to generate new ways of communicating the importance of Census Bureau data, reaching hard-to-count populations, and encouraging participation in U.S. Census Bureau surveys and programs.

This toolkit contains five chapters:
  • Overview - Why host a Census Solutions Workshop: What it looks like, why it matters, and who benefits from it
  • Logistics - How to host a Census Solutions Workshop: Roles and responsibilities, planning timeline, checklists, and what to keep in mind
  • Activities - What to do at a Census Solutions Workshop: Sample agendas, step-by-step guide to the activities suggested
  • Case Studies - What we have learned from hosting Census Solutions Workshops: Lessons from pilot workshops
  • Resources - Tools and materials you can use at your Census Solutions Workshop: worksheets, checklists, and printable handouts.
Contact census.partners@census.gov and visit the U.S. Census Bureau's Partners website for more ways to get involved.

GMA would also like to hear about your innovative ideas, success stories, and potential case studies.

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