Centerville Holds First ‘Picnic in the Park’ During a Hometown Connection

January 31, 2017

This article appeared in the January 2017 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
City officials statewide have taken advantage of Hometown Connec­tions as a way to engage with their legislators. The city of Centerville used their Hometown Connection to connect and also showcase the Town Master Plan for its Town Center and Center Park, which will be integrated into a cohesive downtown. The late-October 2016 gather­ing took place at the future site of Center Park. In addition to their legislative representatives and GMA staff members, city officials also welcomed stakeholders in the Town Master Plan planning process.
Centerville Councilmembers Ed Armijo, Cameron Andrews and Randall Wright; Mayor John Harley; Councilmember Micheal Evans; and Director of Economic Development Kate Hogan at the Hometown Connection.

Centerville has contracted Clark Patterson Lee of Suwanee to en­gage the residents in the planning process and create the plan.

“Since May of 2016, they [Clark Patterson Lee] have worked tire­lessly through the summer to make contact with as many Centerville residents as possible,” said Kate Hogan, Centerville’s director of mar­keting and economic development. “They managed to reach 5,000 people through a Facebook campaign to get their feedback on the Town Master Plan.”
The park serves the city’s desire to preserve and enhance open space while managing subsequent development with best practices in principles of community design. It will be a project-based park—complete in several construction phases. Park amenities will include a splash pad, walking trails, playground and a state-of-the-art amphi­theater.
“Honestly, it feels like North Houston has been begging for an ame­nity like this one for a long time,” Hogan said. “I have confidence that with Mayor Harley, city council and all of the staff at city hall we can make this dream become reality.”

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