East Point Firefighter Donates Hundreds of Pounds of Clothes to Belize

October 2, 2018

This article appeared in the September 2018 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
Firefighter with Children in Belize Photo
Krishna Craig of the East Point Firefighter delivers donations to his hometown in Belize.

A  visit to a yard sale inspired an East Point Firefighter to undertake a charitable effort that now impacts the lives of many in his home country of Belize. Krishna Craig is a three-and-a-half-year veteran with the city of East Point Fire Department. Recently, he completed his second humanitarian trip to his beloved country where he’s delivered more than 800 pounds of shoes and clothing to persons in need.
The idea to collect items was sparked when he saw an opportunity to purchase a few shirts and shoes for family members he planned to visit on an upcoming trip to Belize. Craig shared his plans with an East Point resident who generously donated garage sale leftovers. Word quickly circulated through each of the three shifts at the East Point Fire Department, and within a week Craig collected additional items from firefighters and their families.
On April 22, Craig returned to Belize with nearly 200 pounds of clothes and shoes. This allowed him to extend goodwill beyond his family to individuals and families in the community. He said the outpouring of support was overwhelming, and little did he realize the shipping expense his collection would generate. Determined to see his mission through, Craig personally paid the shipping fee and says it was worth it.
“It felt amazing to be able to donate so many items. Many of the people in the village remembered me as a child, so for them to see me as a career firefighter, and giving back to the community that raised me, means everything,” said Craig.
Craig’s philanthropic endeavor gained the attention of local media and news outlets across the country, resulting in the East Point Fire Department receiving numerous calls from people as far away as New Jersey. Craig said he also received calls and emails from people across the country, and that the donations continued to pour in making a second trip to Belize possible. On July 27, he distributed 869 pounds of clothes.
“Being from Belize, growing up there and witnessing the level of poverty that exists today has been in a word, ‘humbling.’ It feels great to be able to help in an area where you see a need.”
Craig proudly stated, “It’s what I do daily as a firefighter—being called to serve. It’s who I am, what I enjoy doing and it reminds me of my purpose for living daily.”
Those interested in donating should contact Firefighter Krishna Craig at kcraigsr@gmail.com.

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