FootGolf Comes to Thomasville

August 24, 2018

This article appeared in the August 2018 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
Thomasville City Officials believe FootGolf will draw economic development for the city.

A new twist on a traditional sport is finding its way in the city of Thomasville. A nine-hole FootGolf course was just installed at the Country Oaks Golf Course. This accredited American FootGolf League (AFGL) course is the first of its kind in the area. FootGolf is a combination of soccer and golf, similar to golf, it uses tee boxes, greens, bunkers and hazards with the player kicking a soccer ball into a 21-inch diameter hole in the least kicks possible. According to Thomasville officials, FootGolf is growing in popularity in the U.S. and around the world and attracting a different demographic to the course.
“FootGolf is a new and unique sport to the area that people will travel to play. Also, most FootGolfers are not avid traditional golfers, so we will be attracting different players to our course,” said Country Oaks Golf Pro Mike Owens.
“FootGolf fits perfectly into Thomasville’s Vision statement of being an innovative organization exceeding community expectations,” said Thomasville Interim City Manager Kha McDonald. “Having an additional sport that can use the existing infrastructure at Country Oaks is very innovative.”

Thomasville Marketing Project Manager Sherri Nix believes that the new sport will drive economic growth for the city.
“Players who travel to Thomasville to play FootGolf will not only spend money at the golf course, but they will also visit our beautiful, historic downtown to eat and shop,” she said. “In addition, playing FootGolf is less expensive than traditional golf and it takes less time to play, which is very attractive to parents.”
FootGolf originated in Europe in the late 1990s. The AFGL was formed in 2011 and there are now over 500 FootGolf courses operating in the U.S.

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