Model Guidance on Fireworks Legislation - HB 419

June 18, 2018

Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 419 into law on May 3, 2018. HB 419 amends the state laws governing use or ignition of consumer fireworks and represents another step in recouping some local control over the use of fireworks in Georgia.

The legislation alters the times during which local control through the enforcement of noise ordinances can be utilized on the use of fireworks, amends the dates by which such local control will not be allowed, provides the Governor with certain powers in times of drought, sets forth in the law the process for adopting a noise ordinance that seeks to be enforceable against the use of fireworks, and provides for specific notices to be posted by licensed distributors of consumer fireworks.

This model guidance will provide an analysis and explanation to each of these new provisions. It is important to note that the effective date for HB 419 is July 1, 2018.

Read the full text of the bill as passed and signed.

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