Setting the Millage Rate Webinar

August 17, 2016

On August 8, 2016, the Georgia Municipal Association in Cooperation with the Georgia Department of Revenue produced a live webinar entitled “Setting the Millage Rate.” The presenter for this webinar was Ellen Mills, Director of the Local Government Services Division at the Georgia Department of Revenue. The recordings are divided into the major topics from the webinar.

The first topic discussed during the webinar was the property tax digest generally. More information about the property tax digest may be obtained at the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

The second recording provides viewers with the steps necessary to actually set the millage rate.

The third topic discussed is the advertising requirements related to the adoption of the millage rate.

The fourth video discusses the forms necessary to certify and submit the digest and millage rate.

The final video presents the question and answer session that took place at the end of the live webinar.


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