The ‘Buy from Georgia’ Challenge Supports Manufacturers

September 14, 2017

This article appeared in the September 2017 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
 Gov. Nathan Deal presented the “Buy from GA Month” proclamation to 70 members of the Georgia Manufactur­ing Alliance on July 17 for the fourth year in a row. The proclamation pro­motes Georgia manufacturers and the goods they produce. 
“Studies show that the average con­sumer cannot name three things that are made in their state,” said Jason Moss, CEO of the Georgia Manufactur­ing Alliance. “This year we launched a new tool that helps connect the general consumer to products manufactured in Georgia—www. Buy­”
This website features more than 800 items that are manufactured in Georgia state and consumers can purchase these products via this site using their Amazon account.
“Our team has dedicated resources to filter through the millions of products listed on Amazon, and this site highlights only products that are manu­factured in Georgia and supports Georgia jobs,” said Moss. “Based on the rapid shift of consumers away from retail shopping, we devel­oped the www.BuyFromGeorgia. com website. Since Amazon is the most successful and trusted online resource, shoppers who purchase through the www.BuyFromGeor­ website receive all of the benefits of shopping through Am­azon while supporting jobs and manufacturers in Georgia.”
Over 380,000 people are em­ployed in the 9,500 manufactur­ing facilities in Georgia.
“Thousands of jobs are directly impacted as a re­sult of educating consumers about the importance of buying Georgia made products,” said Moss.
Some of the featured products include Brawny Paper Towels, Bridges­tone Golf Balls, Claxton Fruit Cakes, Clorox, Dura­cell Batteries, Hammermill Copy Paper, Husqvarna Lawn Mowers, Kumho Tires, HON Office Furniture, Okabashi Shoes, Primo Grills, Savannah Bee Honey, Serta Mattresses, Pine-Sol, Quilted Northern Tissue, Wrigleys Gum and Zoom Fishing Baits.
The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is a member­ship-based industry organization founded in 2008 to support Georgia’s manufacturing community. The alliance provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions, tradeshows, and unique networking oppor­tunities designed to help make profitable business connections for its members. To learn more about the organization, membership and upcoming events, call 770-338-0051 or visit www.GeorgiaManufactur­
Participate in the Buy from Georgia Challenge
Georgia’s cities, are you up for the challenge? Find below the two ways to participate:
  • All GMA members are challenged to visit the website and purchase supplies for your city.
  • Submit products that are made in your community to to be considered for inclusion on this new website.

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