The Development Sessions

October 22, 2019

Georgia Cities Foundation

The Development Sessions is a new 2019 offering courtesy of Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), Georgia Cities Foundation (GCF), and the Georgia Downtown Association (GDA). Each session is designed to provide economic and community development professionals with the most current information, tools, professional insight, and resources available to augment municipal downtown development efforts and initiatives through departmental collaboration.
By merging the skill sets of a municipality’s economic and community development professionals and their processes, downtown development can be streamlined and approached more aggressively. Each Development Session will showcase a downtown development issue and provide best practices, examples, and strategies for downtown development professionals and participants to incorporate into their daily operations and short and long-term plans.

The Development Sessions will be presented via multi-media platforms and can be found on the Georgia Cities Foundation website by clicking on each session title.
  • Session 1: Creating a Buzz in Your Downtown with Breweries and Distilleries
  • Session 2: In the Zone – the Wonderful World of FOZ
  • Session 3: Romancing Downtown Developers
  • Session 4: From Pop-up to Brick & Mortar
  • Session 5: Laying a foundation for Downtown Development: Planning and Zoning Do’s and Don’ts
  • Session 6: Let’s Make a Deal: Crafting Incentives and Financing Your Downtown Vision

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