Toccoa Implements Renaissance Plan

May 11, 2016

Left (Before): Collection of private business signs near Lake Toccoa. Right (After): Installed Lake Toccoa monument sign and consolidated private business sign.

During the summer of 2015, Megan Hull, a student from the University of Georgia’s College of Environ­ment and Design, assisted the city of Toccoa on a number of projects. Hull brought her design skills as a Landscape Architecture student and applied them to a variety of Toccoa’s needs ranging from design­ing “parklets” in the city’s downtown to beautify­ing gateway corridors on common routes into the downtown to creating a unified approach to signage throughout the city.
The city of Toccoa began work on many of Hull’s recommendations immediately–even starting on some before she completed her summer project. Ac­cording to Toccoa Community Development Direc­tor Connie Tabor, “The timing was perfect. The city had identified the projects and the funding was in place. Megan was able to give us the creative vision to pull it all together,” she said. “Having the visuals she created allowed us to implement the plans much eas­ier. With Hull’s designs, we could clearly present the ideas to the city leadership as well as the contractors and staff performing the installations.”
Toccoa continues to implement many of the rec­ommendations from Hull’s plan.

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