Statewide Mutual Aid & Assistance Agreement

February 7, 2012

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), in cooperation with GMA and ACCG, has developed a Statewide Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement.

This agreement is a voluntary pact allowed under Georgia law that allows public and private agencies in the state to agree to provide reciprocal emergency management aid and assistance in cases of emergency or disaster. In times of emergency or disaster each participating agency would render assistance in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Additionally, should your city face an emergency or disaster and be a signatory to this agreement then your city will receive assistance from other participating agencies. The agreement provides reimbursement of costs to the agency or agencies providing aid as allowed by Georgia law.

Instead of being solely reliant on federal and state aid in times of emergency and disaster Georgia law allows agreements such as this one for quicker and more efficient assistance throughout the state in times of emergency or disaster.

Any city considering this Agreement should have it reviewed by the city attorney. Please feel free to email Rusi Patel, General Counsel at GMA, with any questions or comments. 

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