Telecom: Rural Broadband Deployment, Small Cells and Preemption of Local ROW

GMA supports a balanced approach to telecommunications policy that allows new technologies to flourish while preserving traditional local regulatory authority. GMA opposes any legislation or federal regulation that weakens the authority of Georgia’s municipalities to regulate the use of their public rights-of-way and which weakens their authority to locally determine appropriate compensation for such use.

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Five Takeaways for Cities from the FCC’s Small Cell Preemption Order 
September 27, 2018   |  National League of Cities
On Wednesday, September 26, the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a declaratory ruling and report and order that would enact harsh new preemptions of local authority over small cell wireless facility deployment and management of local rights-of-way. The order is expected to go into effect 30 days after publication of the final version in the Federal Register.