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For decades, Equifax has handled the complexities that arise between local governments and the Georgia Department of Labor. As laws change or new laws appear, Equifax stays on top of unemployment compensation law and policy. We are well-versed in annual rate verification, audits, proactive tax strategies, and impact analysis to help cities save money. Our expertise helps you:
  • Reduce time spent by city staff responding to claims and handling paper.
  • Lower your tax rates through our unemployment benefit charge analysis and recovery.
  • Improve your hearing preparedness.
  • Reduce the duration of your claims by helping former employees find jobs more quickly.
  • Reduce your unemployment tax expenses.
  • Maximize your tax savings.
  • Minimize your liability and ensure that you’re complying with state regulations.
To help ensure those benefits, we pride ourselves on:
  • Accuracy: Equifax handles all paperwork and verifies quarterly bills for accuracy through their charge auditing process. Erroneous benefit charges identified by Equifax Workforce Solutions will be protested to the Georgia Department of Labor. Equifax ensures that the unemployment compensation process moves along as quickly as possible without penalties to the city.
  • Timeliness: Equifax understands and meet all deadlines, thus avoiding fines, interest, or delays that benefit employees who make appeals against you.
  • Readiness: Since Equifax does this kind of work every day, they are ready immediately to act when an employee is terminated. Upon receipt of an unemployment claim, your Equifax Workforce Solutions claim representative will reach out to you to obtain separation details and/or supporting documentation.
Equifax is always a phone call away to answer any unemployment claim question you have. We are not just administrators. We are expert consultants, ready to help answer questions about:
  • When employees are legally obligated to receive unemployment insurance, and when they aren’t. After an employee termination, Equifax likes to speak with you immediately to assess the situation.
  • What it means to be a reimbursable employer versus a contributory employer. (Most cities are reimbursable employers.)
  • When a city needs to pay for the cost of claims.
  • How the unemployment compensation process works.
  • How new or altered laws impact cities.
  • What information is needed for appeal hearings.