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When selling surplus vehicles, computers, office furniture, and other equipment and assets you don’t need, you might see limited returns with local auctions or various online auction systems. They may send you too many unqualified buyers, sell only a sporadic amount of your items, and fail to give you revenue that’s worth the time you put into the auctioning process.

That’s where GovDeals comes in. GovDeals—which brings you qualified, ready buyers looking for specific items—partners with GMA to provide you a government-focused online auction system. Buyers from all 50 states and 26 countries use GovDeals to purchase items. Your reach is broad, and you’ll start receiving bids on your items immediately.


  • A large audience of focused, qualified buyers. These are experienced buyers looking for specific items. You won’t see aimless general buyers dominating the bidding. That means more competition for your items, more intent to buy, and more money for you.
  • An online, automated system. GovDeals is an online automated bidding system accessed through the Internet. No servers to host, and no expensive software licenses. After signing up for GovDeals, you can immediately start posting items for bid and easily manage your items from your computer. The GovDeals automated bidding mechanism notes bids in real time and ends the auction at a specific time, without any human interaction or need to manually manage the auction process.
  • Training and assistance. We train your staff on how the GovDeals process works, including how to post items for bid. As soon as you sign up, GMA arranges training for you as soon as possible. Training is available in person, over the phone, or online—whatever best meets your needs.
  • Fair market value research. We help make sure you’re not underpricing or overpricing your items. The GovDeals team performs research on your items to double check that you are bidding them at the right price.
  • Free marketing. GovDeals markets and advertises its auctions throughout the United States and around the world through a variety of online and print media. That means they’re constantly bringing a world audience to your auctioned items without you having to spend a dime on advertising and promotion.
  • Easy Categorization of Assets: Choose Category Type, Category Family and Category to ensure the correct classification for your assets. With 500+ categories across its marketplaces, these new tools will help create a more user-friendly experience, making it quick and easy for buyers to find your assets.


There is no cost to get started. GovDeals’s fees are deducted either from the money you collect, or by adding a “buyer’s premium” to items you sell. Without any upfront costs or annual fees, you can start using GovDeals today.

To learn more about GMA GovDeal's Online Surplus Auctions, you can reach out to Darin Jenkins at (678) 686-6264. If you are outside the Atlanta metro area, you may call toll-free (888) 488-4462. For additional information and assistance in registering, contact Jason Robinson of GovDeals at (334) 300-9591.