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Programs and Benefits

Take a look through our choice of services below. We can help you with any hotel and motel tax situation.

Operation Enhancement Services

With Operation Enhancement, we help you analyze the returns of all your lodging providers during the preceding 36 months.

Our expert analysis results in:
  • A list of detected compliance deficiencies and recommendations about subjecting specific lodging providers to further examination.
  • A review of local ordinances and administrative processes to help make sure hotels and motels are held fully and equally accountable. We may also make recommendations if your local ordinances and administrative processes need updating, standardization, or better enforcement.
At the end of our analysis, you receive:
  • An electronic image file of the hotel and motel returns, which affords you the opportunity to store or discard the paper records.
  • A programmable database that includes all of the data from the hotel and motel return forms. We categorize and break down this data for easy reviewing and reporting.
  • A report of our findings, including an assessment of your local lodging hospitality market. Our findings provide you detailed information about each lodging provider and recommendations about which lodging providers should be subjected to field audits. In addition, our hospitality market report projects how much revenue you should receive according to current market conditions.
  • An opportunity to discuss the findings with a GMA analyst through an interactive online review.
If we discover potentially underreported tax revenue, then we recommend letting us help you collect that revenue through our Compliance Enhancement services.

Compliance Enhancement Services

Let our experienced city experts handle your hotel and motel tax compliance. Our Compliance Enhancement services build upon our Operation Enhancement services by:
  • Performing field examinations of those identified in the operational assessment report as potentially deficient lodging providers and reporting our findings to you. Field examinations include visits to lodging providers, examining their books and records, and reviewing hotel and motel tax ordinance details with them.
  • Providing draft notices of deficiency or letters of commendation to designated hotels and motels. Letters of commendation help build positive relationships with hotels and motels that comply with the city’s ordinance.
  • Reviewing questions and/or appeals from deficient lodging providers and drafting appropriate responses on behalf of the city. We handle this often difficult communication on your behalf.
  • Providing expert witness testimony in court, if necessary, for collection of deficiencies.
  • Conducting seminars for lodging providers and providing those providers with informational materials about hotel and motel tax compliance.

Revenue Management Service

Even better, remove all worries about hotel and motel tax collection. GMA collects the revenue for you. We handle all of the details, from collecting your money to following up on delinquent payments.

Our Revenue Management Service also includes Operation Enhancement and Compliance Enhancement services on an ongoing basis (as deemed necessary).

With our Revenue Management services, we will:
  • Review the city’s hotel motel tax ordinance and report forms, and update as needed.
  • Administer the hotel and motel tax on behalf of your city. GMA receives your tax returns and disburses your funds to you on a monthly basis. Sit back, and just collect your revenue.
  • Meet with all lodging establishments to review the new revenue management service.
  • Provide enhanced reporting and follow up on delinquent payments. Our reports include data about all lodging providers, their returns, their remittances, and any delinquencies. We also contact any delinquent lodging providers on your behalf and follow up to ensure they remit taxes (including any interest and penalties).
  • Monitor your monthly revenue for accuracy.


Operation Enhancement Services
  • $500 per lodging provider field audit
Compliance Enhancement Services
  • $500 per lodging provider field audit
  • $500 per lodging provider
  • $1000 per seminar
  • $125/hour for any additional consulting services
Revenue Management Service
  • $900/year per lodging property located in the City limits or from which the City may otherwise collect the Tax.
  • Operation and Compliance Enhancement Services included.
For more information on GMA's Hotel and Motel Tax Recovery service, you can contact Darin Jenkins at (678) 686-6264. If you are outside the Atlanta metro area, you may also call toll-free (888) 488-4462.