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Auto accidents often damage city property such as signs, guardrails, bridges, lighting, signals, paving, and drainage structures. If a driver was at fault, insured or not, then they are obligated by law to pay you for the damages (if they are not covered by your self-insured policy). Yet, cities often don’t recover this money because accidents go unreported, queries go unanswered, and your city staff just doesn’t have the time to follow up on such a high volume of accidents.

PRS specializes in property damage claims recovery for state, county, and municipal governments. When cities sign up for GMA’s program, they will benefit from the following services from PRS.


Monitoring Police Reports

When an auto accident damages city property, the accident report filed by police is crucial toward recovering payments for damages. By monitoring police accident reports, PRS captures all instances where damage has occurred. Cities often don’t have time to monitor these reports, so leave it to us.

Identifying Responsible Parties

After the responsible parties of an auto accident file claims, the insurance company puts money aside for the damage claim from the property owner. However, these damage claims are often never filed and the money isn’t recovered. And if motorists reside out-of-state, you don’t get responses to queries, or motorists are uninsured, then it’s even harder to track down who is responsible. PRS has an investigative team skilled and ready to track down the responsible party—even if they are unknown or if a police report wasn’t filed.

Filing Damage Claims

PRS files claims on your behalf to recover the funds necessary for cleaning up and repairing damage to city property. They use a well-documented process to ensure that cities get the best possible returns from the responsible parties. If the responsible party is insured, claims are sent to the insurance company. If the responsible party is uninsured, PRS will file and negotiate a claim with them. PRS specialists manage all claims until each claim payment is received or the claim is closed.

Sending Money to Your City

This is the fun part! Once we receive the money from the responsible party or insurance company, we send it directly to you. Recovered funds are sent to you monthly along with detailed progress reports.


There is no cost to use this service. PRS will retain a small percentage (further discounted by GMA) of the recovered funds as compensation for delivering the service to you.

Why Sign Up?

Property damage claims are the most overlooked source of funding, primarily due to the size of the claims. However, when pursued in high quantities, the resulting monthly revenue stream for cities can be significant.

Wondering what your recovery value might total? Contact GMA for a personalized assessment by calling Darin Jenkins at (678) 686-6264. You may also call toll-free at (888) 488-4462.