Mentoring Program

Local government is a complex, constantly changing environment. For newly elected officials, it can be a daunting task to take on the role of mayor or council member and immediately be responsible for decisions that impact the future of your community.

As part of GMA’s commitment to expand cost-effective learning and networking opportunities for elected officials, newly elected officials have the opportunity to obtain support, guidance, and encouragement from seasoned elected officials through the GMA Mentoring Program.

GMA Mentoring Program Guidelines

Each newly-elected municipal participating will be assigned an experienced participating partner within the program.

During the first year, mentor and mentee elected municipal officials agree to:

  • Schedule an initial meeting to establish the mentor/ mentee relationship;
  • Visit each other’s city at least one time;
  • Meet in person or communicate by phone or email as often as needed; at least once a month.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Initiate contact with the mentee;
  • Provide ongoing guidance, support and encouragement;
  • Share common practices;
  • Assist with resources, tools and information; and
  • Identify opportunities and encourage involvement in GMA training, district meetings, regional workshops, and events.

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Ask questions and solicit advice;
  • Initiate contacting the mentor when needed;
  • Be willing to listen to the mentor; and
  • Devote time to the mentoring program.

GMA Responsibilities

GMA will make every effort to assign a mentee with a mentor serving in like size city and closely related by services and location.

To become a mentor or mentee, complete the application form below.

For more information about the Mentoring Program, please complete and submit the Contact Us form or contact Sherri Bailey at (470)-755-1357 or Emily Davenport at (404) 852-1638.


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