SB 116, Maternity Supportive Housing

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Rusi Patel, (678) 686-6210
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Sen. Randy Robertson
District 29

This legislation would prohibit local governments from constraining the establishment or operation of maternity supportive housing residences or from placing any occupancy requirements on such residences which would not also apply to a single family living in the residence. Maternity supportive housing residences would be defined by the legislation as residential homes or houses operated by a nonprofit which allow up to six pregnant women aged 18 years or older and their children to reside in the premises for up to 18 months after childbirth. Such residences would not include child welfare agencies, residential homes of a relative where a woman is receiving maternal care, or hospitals. 

No other services other than housing would be allowed to be provided and such housing would have to be in compliance with all residential building codes, have appropriate insurance coverage, has written policies and procedures for admission, intake, and record keeping, and would have to have the ability to provide assistance with wraparound services such as nutrional support, childcare, transportation, and vocational training. 

Last Updated: 4/4/2022
Subject Area: Land Use and Annexation
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7/1/2022 - Effective Date 5/2/2022 - Act 787 5/2/2022 - Date Signed by Governor


4/4/2022 Senate Vote #827 Yea - 32 Nay - 22 Not Voting - 0 Excused - 2
4/1/2022 House Vote #827 Yea - 103 Nay - 57 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 16
2/26/2021 Senate Vote #91 Yea - 32 Nay - 17 Not Voting - 1 Excused - 6

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