Training & Education

Informed municipal officials and employees are vital to meeting the needs of citizens throughout the state. Learn more about our numerous training opportunities.

Georgia Mayors Leadership Academy

The Mayors Leadership Academy will provide an immersive learning experience designed to help mayors from cities of all sizes and geographic locations throughout the state.

Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute

Listing of classes offered in GMA's Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute.

Municipal Revenue Administration Certificate Program

The MRAC Program consists of training courses on the revenue administration and collection process.

Campus Connections

Campus Connections helps your city to manage projects, mentor students, and introduce them to the diversity of opportunities available in local government employment.

Mentoring Program

Newly elected officials have the opportunity to obtain support, guidance, and encouragement from seasoned elected officials.

Georgia Initiative for Community Housing

GICH helps communities improve their quality of life and economic vitality through the development of locally-driven housing and revitalization strategies.

Local Government Risk Management Services

Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS) provides training opportunities in the areas of Risk Management and Health Promotion for city staff and elected officials. Learn more at the LGRMS website.

Human Resources Administration Certificate Program

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) Human Resources Administration Certificate (HRAC) Program includes five classes specifically designed to provide city elected officials and appointed staff with the tools necessary to successfully recruit, train, and retain talent to provide services to their communities.

Obtaining Transcripts

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