SB 372, Unlawful Discrimination for Taking Certain COVID-Related Measures

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Sen. Brandon Beach
District 21

Under the bill, it would be considered unlawful discrimination for a government entity to refuse, withhold, or deny any person goods, services, licensing, facilities, advantages, privileges, or employment opportunities based on that person’s vaccination status or whether the person has a vaccination passport.

It would also be considered unlawful discrimination if a public accommodation were to exclude, segregate, limit, refuse to serve, “or otherwise discriminate” against a person based on their vaccination status or whether they have a vaccination passport.

By implication, there could be civil liability for municipalities that enact rules to address the spread of COVID-19.


Last Updated: 1/28/2022
Subject Area: Public Safety
Resources: bill text
1/26/2022 - Assigned to Senate Committee
Senate Judiciary

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