SB 95, Virtual Public Hearings

Municipal Impact
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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
Bill Sponsor

Sen. Frank Ginn
District 47

This bill would explicitly grant local governments the authority to hold virtual public hearings, such as budget or zoning proceedings, in emergency situations, if all opportunities for participation offered for in-person meetings were also made available virtually.

This legislation also contains language that would amend the membership of the board of directors of the Lottery Corporation to add a seat for the chairperson of the Bona Fide Coin Operated Amusement Machine Operator Advisory Board. More detail is set forth in this legislation as to how the Board itself is to operate, including specfically legislating that it would be subject to the Administrative Procedures Act.

The legislation would limit winnings from COAMs to noncash redemption on a per play basis that cannot exceed a wholesale value of $50 but could include gift certificates, gift cards, or lottery gift cards. 

The legislation would require inspectors from the lottery to visit a location with a machine within the first six months of the issuance of a license. It would also set up different fees for Class A and Class B state licenses and a late fee for those who are more than 90 days late in renewing a license. The legislation would allow COAMs to continue to operate when the operator is under investigation and set forth some standards of investigations, including venue. 

The legislation would specifically say that the revnues from COAMs are not subject to civil asset forfeiture under criminal law or RICO but would be subject to forfeiture under new provisions under the COAM laws themselves. Law enforcement which is seizing or confiscating such revenues would be required to notify the Lottery Corporation and the master license holder within 30 days in order to retain such seizure. Money retained from a seizure would go half to the Lottery and half to the involved local law enforcement agency. 

Greater detail in gross retail receipts will be required by this legislation and a requirement that such be measured on a quarterly basis would also be required. An exception would be made for some of these rules for COAMs used for purely charitable purposes. The legislation also has new language about changing the name of the license holder and how to handle disputes between master license holders and location owners or operators. 

Last Updated: 3/30/2021
Subject Area: Open Meetings/Open Record
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3/29/2021 -


3/29/2021 House Vote #344 Yea - 100 Nay - 67 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 9
3/29/2021 House Vote #335 Yea - 100 Nay - 62 Not Voting - 10 Excused - 8
3/29/2021 House Vote #334 Yea - 76 Nay - 89 Not Voting - 7 Excused - 8
3/3/2021 Senate Vote #121 Yea - 49 Nay - 0 Not Voting - 2 Excused - 5
3/3/2021 Senate Vote #106 Yea - 33 Nay - 14 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 5

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