Nearly every city in Georgia received COVID-19 relief funds through the ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery
Fund and is therefore required to file their annual Project and Expenditure report by Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

What can your city do to prepare?

Simplify the Reporting Process

  • Your city is eligible to report the use of funds up to $10 million as "Revenue Replacement." By claiming this $10 million Standard Allowance in a previous report, you will have a more streamlined reporting process, i.e. no need to do any “bulk uploads."
  • Claiming the Standard Allowance also means you have flexibility to spend the funds on any government service, with a few exceptions.
  • Even if funds were spent on public health, economic relief, infrastructure or premium pay, bypass the "Infrastructure” or “Public Health” expenditure categories in your report and instead, select Expenditure Category 6, “Revenue Replacement” > 6.1 "Provision of Government Services."
  • Provide specifics about the project in your description, i.e. grants to small businesses, utility credits, water meter replacement, bonuses to police officers.
  • Once you submit the report, save a PDF copy to your designated ARPA folder.


Disclaimer: These resources are for informational purposes only. Please continue to consult your city attorney on U.S. Treasury guidelines available on their website.


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