Delinquent Business License Fees Service

With nearly every Georgia municipality participating in this program, GMA helps you collect delinquent insurance business license fees owed to you at the end of every year. We contract with Municipal Revenue Services Corporation to help collect and disburse the fees to you. GMA has returned millions of dollars to Georgia cities—including over $10.5 million to participating cities in the past 10 years alone.

Why GMA?

We established this service in 1991 to ensure that cities were collecting any and all revenue from companies selling insurance policies to individuals or businesses within your city’s boundaries. Over the past ten years, our program has returned over $10.5 million to participating cities.
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Service Details

Every year, about half of the cities using this service receive more money from this program than they pay in GMA membership dues.

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Other Resources

Other Resources

This resource for the Delinquent Business License Fee service is a publication that provides an overview of the current law governing occupation taxes and regulatory fees.

Participating Entities

Participating Entities

Get a list of all of the local government entities currently taking advantage of this service.

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