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With cities looking for revenue from every possible source, it’s a waste to let surplus, abandoned, or confiscated items lie around without selling them. Join over 100 Georgia cities, over 60 Georgia counties, and dozens of other Georgia government entities that use GovDeals to sell their surplus equipment to a qualified global audience of buyers.

Why GMA?

Widely used by Georgia cities, counties, and government entities, GovDeals provides GMA member cities an opportunity to purchase and sell their surplus equipment to buyers from all 50 states and 26 other countries. Plus, our special partnership with GovDeals reduces the fees you’d normally pay, making your cost savings even higher.
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GovDeals—which brings you qualified, ready buyers looking for specific items—partners with GMA to provide you a government-focused online auction system for selling surplus assets you don't need.

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Other Resources

These resources for the GovDeals Online Surplus Auctions service include information about the service, a link to online service registration, and a link to the listings from Georgia.

Participating Entities

Participating Entities

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GovDeals has proven to be a great way to auction off surplus equipment for the City of Moultrie.  From push mowers to dump trucks, it has brought in over $230,000 for the city in 2017.  No longer do we have surplus equipment sitting around losing further value, but we instead have a quick turn-around so that the equipment finds a new home.

Danny Ward, Moultrie Public Works Director

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