HB 138, Notices to Tenants of Crimes on Property

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Rep. Mesha Mainor
District 56

This bill would require that, on a monthly basis, law enforcement agencies must provide information on their website regarding certain crimes, that took place on applicable apartment complex premises. The bill would require that a law enforcement agency maintain these reports on its website for a period of at least two years and make paper copies of such information available to the public.

The provisions of the bill would not apply to any county or municipal law enforcement agency employing less than ten full-time or part-time certified peace officers.

This bill passed the House, but failed to pass out of committee on the Senate side where it was heard in the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee, but was not voted upon.


Last Updated: 3/30/2021
Subject Area: Public Safety
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3/9/2021 - Assigned to Senate Committee


3/8/2021 House Vote #238 Yea - 128 Nay - 34 Not Voting - 10 Excused - 8

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