HB 24, Annexation Dispute Process - Adding Proposed Tax Abatements as a Reason for Objection

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Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
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Rep. Mary Oliver
District 82

This legislation would require that a municipality receiving an annexation petition notify the county of any proposed tax abatements or financial incentives offered by the city or, if known, offered by a development authority.

The bill would also add tax abatements or financial incentives as a reason a county could object to a proposed annexation. Upon the creation of an annexation arbitration dispute panel to examine the validity of a county's objection, the panel would potential effect of any proposed tax abatement, rebate, or other financial incentive for the annexation which is claimed to have a significant adverse impact on the county. If the panel determines the county's objection to the  tax abatement or incentive is valid, the panel can establish reasonable conditions on the proposed abatements or incentives relative to the annexation. 

Lastly, the legislation would require the Department of Community Affairs to develop a pool of attorneys with local government experience to serve as hearing officers for every panel created. 


Last Updated: 2/3/2021
Subject Area: Economic Development and Redevelopment | Land Use and Annexation |
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1/14/2021 - Assigned To House Committee

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