HB 286, Prohibition of Police Department Budget Cuts

Municipal Impact
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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
Bill Sponsor

Rep. Houston Gaines
District 117

This bill would restrict a city or consolidated government with a police department from reducing annual appropriations for the police department by more than 5% of the previous fiscal year's appropriations. This would not apply if the city or consolidated government's overall revenues decrease by more than 5% in the same fiscal year, however, a city or consolidated government would still be prohibited from reducing the police department budget greater than the decrease in the amount of overall revenues.

Additionally, this would prohibit cities or consolidated governments from reducing police department budgets beyond the 5% limit for a 5 year period. The bill does provide exceptions for cities and consolidated governments that are served by another government's law enforcement department, a city or consolidated government with budget implications made by a transition from a volunteer fire department to paid, a court ordered mandate to a city or consolidated government to provide a new municipal service, annual capital or public safety facility purchases beyond 4% and departments with less than 25 full-time or part-time law enforcement officers. For a local government considering a budget reduction beyond the 5% limit, the bill provides an exemption if the city adopts the budget in a public meeting, provides public notice and holds a public hearing at least one week prior to the adoption.

Finally, this bill would require each city which provides electronic payroll deposit to its employees to provide payroll deduction to any public safety employee  who requests such a deduction for the purpose of purchasing insurance that provides the public safety employee with legal representation during all civil, administrative, or criminal actions caused as a result of the officer's responsibilities as a public safety employee.

Last Updated: 3/30/2021
Subject Area: Public Safety
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7/1/2021 - Effective Date 5/7/2021 - Act 263 5/7/2021 - Date Signed by Governor


3/31/2021 House Vote #372 Yea - 100 Nay - 73 Not Voting - 3 Excused - 4
3/25/2021 Senate Vote #270 Yea - 36 Nay - 15 Not Voting - 0 Excused - 5
2/24/2021 House Vote #93 Yea - 101 Nay - 69 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 6

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