HB 664, Municipal Regulation of Industrialized Buildings

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Rep. Mesha Mainor
District 56

HB 664 would prohibit municipal governments from preventing residential industrialized buildings from being located within a city’s jurisdiction based solely on its characterization as a residential industrialized building. 

This bill would also require local governments to issue building permits for residential industrialized buildings. Though, the bill “reserves the authority of local governments…rightfully belonging” to municipalities and counties, conflict is imminent wherein a city declines to issue a building permit for a residential industrialized building. Ultimately, the language prevents municipal governments from exerting local control in monitoring and regulating buildings and building structures within city limits .

Furthermore, the bill places much power and discretion, formerly relegated to local government, with the state. Here, the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has final approval of all industrialized and residential industrialized buildings. Upon grant of such approval, such buildings are considered in compliance with all ordinances and regulations enacted to local government. Therefore, the bill would preempt local control and regulation and place that power, fundamentally, with private parties.

Last Updated: 1/13/2022
Subject Area: Economic Development and Redevelopment
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3/3/2021 - Assigned To House Committee

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